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About HydroGen

What We Provide

Full service MEP engineering solutions provider

HydroGen MEP consultants provide efficient approach to developing sustainable solutions for the progressive world. We work closely with the architects, owners, contractors throughout the entire process, from pre-design through post-construction. We focus on relationship and communication during the process to attain mutual success.


Complete Engineering Solutions Provider

We offer comprehensive technical solutions for our clients using a methodical process, overseeing projects from idea to site acquisition, engineering, and construction. To achieve success for both our clients and our company, we put strong emphasis on teamwork and communication throughout the process.


A group of seasoned experts have developed HydroGen MEP. Their wealth of engineering and infrastructure-related skills lay a solid foundation for a flourishing consultancy company. Due to HydroGen MEP's emphasis on technology and ongoing improvement, the company is able to stay on top of new developments and offer cutting-edge design solutions to clients.


HydroGen MEP offers consultancy both nationally and internationally.

MEP Modeling includes Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing & HVAC design

Objective  -  Vision & Mission  - Our Philosophy


Our company's mission is to set the standard by offering the most innovative, creative, sophisticated, and sustainable engineering solutions. 

For plumbing (water supply, drainage, and storm water), firefighting, electrical, and HVAC systems, we offer consultation, design, and planning services under one roof as a full-service MEP solution provider.

Both domestically and internationally, we provide MEP design services. Every type of infrastructure, including townships, pharmacies, businesses, and commercial and industrial structures, is a specialty of our team.

In order to keep up with the speed at which the world is changing, we have made it possible for ourselves to become thoroughly trained in the newest technology and software available in the MEP sector, including the BIM software that is currently accessible. The implementation of BIM has helped us get closer to completing projects on schedule and with greater accuracy.


Our objective is to work together with our clients that require prompt services, precise answers to their infrastructure challenges, and technology advancement.

Our engineering team is dedicated to every project, no matter how big or small. Meeting clients, visit their location, and, if necessary, oversee the contractors all while offering the best and most comprehensive level of support with honesty.

Compared to the market, our professionals, are all certified members in their specific professions offering the best consulting and contracting services at affordable prices.

We are committed to concluding our client's project through superior engineering, quick response times, and well-organized processes.


We are firm believers in using a systematic process to create complete engineering solutions.

Our culture is built on the mission and guiding values of HydroGen MEP. These values serve as our road map for conducting business each day and give us a sense of direction as we collaborate to achieve the objectives of our customers, employees, and the community.


Attend to each client's needs and develop affordable custom engineering solutions. Adapt to how each project's requirements and deadlines change. To boost efficiency, use modern technology and streamlined procedures. Make a commitment to professional development and ongoing progress. Encourage trust, open communication, honesty, and integrity. The public's welfare, our employees' health, and safety are of utmost importance. Share with the community our time, skills, and financial success.

Our Team

A Team of Experienced Professionals

For every client, we assign a principal-lead and Project Manager along with a team of experienced professionals. This approach ensures principal-level, personal attention on every project from start to finish.



A Mechanical Engineer, having 12+ years of rich experience in the field of PHE, Firefighting designs & execution of Commercial Buildings, IT Parks, Residential Towers, Hotels, Shopping Malls, Hospitals, Factories & Industrial projects.


Overall National & International MEP Business and Technical advancement.


Noida, Pune & Indore

Kapil Prakash Bairagi
Saurabh Vishwakarma



An Electrical Engineer, having 11+ years of rich professional experience in the field of Metro Rails, Airports, Commercial Buildings IT Parks, Residential Towers, Hotels, Shopping Malls and Hospital projects. Growth from a Project Engineer to owing an MEP firm.


Electrical Designs, Technical advancement for Pan India & Abroad.


Indore, MP



An MBA postgraduate, having 24+ years of rich experience in Firefighting execution, designing, promoting for various projects in the field of Industrial, Commercial, Hospitality, Retail, and Residential Villas in Pan India. His experience includes numerous numbers of Residential, Commercial, High Rise Towers, Industrial works, Shopping Malls etc.


Overall MEP regional Business, Firefighting & alarm system technical advancement for Pan India / Abroad.



Priyank Jain
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